Universal Father 10


Universal Father 10

May 6th, 2019

Universal Father, 
Eternal Son, 
Infinite Mother Spirit, 
Christ Michael Aton Message, July 11, 2014

Lift yourselves from human conflict 
to envision 
desired deeds 
and places of respite 
and revelation 
for those ready to receive. 

Discount embrace even with these ones, 
should you need to do so 
to keep your centeredness in Me. 

Pass along.

Sow your awareness in neutral manner. 
Have compassionate embrace 
only for My desirings.

Be with Me!

recognize conflicts now 
as merely contrasts, 
yet tenaciously hold positive resolution 
for merited ones 
as a place of soothing relief 
in Mine Eyes 
and My Name; 

places that you energetically 

Even just 
a few tiny steps of intent 
will soothe 
the rampaging tides.

Indeed: who awaits, thee or Me?

How can you wait upon Universe action?

My friend, 
hear me through Earth’s eons
yet so close. 

— Something unheard by me in this lifetime. 
Guide my hand? I am rather intellectual for that.

Step aside. Let words flow.

Everlasting continuum 
lies beyond grasp 
of human consciousness.

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