Universal Father 12


Universal Father 12

May 6th, 2019


Universal Father Message, August 13, 2014
My Dear, 
that indeed there is such a 
planned in Universal Time. 
Things are at the ready. 
between expansion of soul development, 
ever ongoing, 
and distress 
in this world’s order 
is greater 
than has ever occurred 
in any planetary evolution of life. 
A great Key 
of mercy and grace 
to alleviate 
this polar chasm 
in the active hearts of humans present on Gaia.
Please consider the butterflies 
and tremendous chorus of elementals 
that surround you.


However you are longing,
the beasts are your guides, 
your special communicators. 
This is reassurance of what you already know, 
so do have confidence 
in your interpretations thereof.
is the time 
to educate 
for the removal of dross. 
you vibrational being 
with Sister Friends. 
Continue preparing to educate/teach, 
which means sooth, 
with expressing 
your delight in all life. 


expression of deep desiring, 
that which you already express 
so naturally. 
Work vibrationally; that is, work. 
Determine/decide directions and channels; 
what you personally experience at the moment 
in your colorful, everyday visions. 
Send them, 
send them, 
send them…
You are 
the fullness of joy, 
sent especially to your region, 
with anchors 
in your immediate past and past lives. 
Continue to honor and draw 
from familial energies 
bestowed upon you in your work. 
You are 
a rare expression 
of pure essence 
of beauty and love, 
both of yourself 
and with your ability 
to use your legacy 
accrued from those close to you.
your former dancing partner 
had gross, unfounded jealousies, 
a surprise 
to many of your non-physical friends/guides.
ever cultivate the fun 
in all your work and broadcasting; 
this of itself is soothing. 
experience fun 
in the face of what others’ travail. 
Send it along 
to nurture ones out of their distress. 
Their levels of attunement 
are more easily uplifted from your high, 
high vibrations — 
vibrations which you must keep high 
rather than matching others.
The choice is yours, 
dear one, 
to continue your activities 
in more personal, knowing presence 
in the aftermath 
of transition through the point of Earth’s 
big event; 
for however long you desire. 
For wherever you work/dance 
your “butterfly effect” 
will magnify, 
and go to Universal regions 
the presence 
of your joyful 
Continued Blessings upon thee.

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