Universal Father 4

Universal Father 4

May 4th, 2019


Universal Father Message, October 17, 2013

Forward, indeed. 

Fear not,

My children,

those monstrous seeming creatures that are upon you.
Transcend same 
and transmute same 
with creative action.


– What is this thick morass of ineptitude
we experience or observe about us?
These pockets of viscous negative energy
heaped upon us,
even now continuing?
Their source, their oppressive strengths,
despite and spiting
won and winning battles
beyond Gaia’s tropospheres?

Are dark forms
being driven downward,
desperately seeking
remaining human manifestations
of 3D planes? 

Are they fleeing
galactic intervention and cleanup?
Scurrying into hidey-holes
in vain escape efforts?
Casting their machination nets
to engender, find and catch
human anguish
for frenzied survival-feeding?

into torn cracks and crevices
found in injured
but precious human auras,
seeking escape
from the inevitable advance of Light and Life
more so,
within the Wave’s steady,
unswerving evolution
throughout Gaia’s environs?

Yes, it is so.  

Beloved Earth-Ones, My children!

Sweep your very own
Golden Swords of Sacred Words
about you and yours.

Discover the ease with which you can now handle same,
the ease of results
with your re-established sword-gift of keen, sharp edges.

your own innate Golden and Violet Flames,
and Blue protection Rays.

whatever and all dross
enmeshed about you and yours.

Declare it so.

again and again, yourselves and your abodes.

Set links from within to unite without /outside.

that auric riffs and warps
be flooded and filled with All that is Golden,
from within and without.

that which I had bestowed upon each of you:
your individually unique
personality spark.

Imperatively declare
the growth of your Gold,
and Blue Flames.

Again, burn
whatever and all dross enmeshed about you
into seas of “nothingness.”

Declare it so
and drive anguished energies asunder.

This earthly aspect of battles is best done by you ones on Urantia.

your own Golden nets
for entrapment of fleeing dark forms.

same into violet transmuting flames.

their disintegration.

pools of negative energy and

transmuted residues
even unto the unqualified potential of the Supreme;
formless, potential goodness.

Be victorious unto yourselves!

Observe your personality sparks
glow even brighter and brighter,

evolving beyond your Victories
and into places awaiting you in higher “realms.”

however possible within your efforts,
already recognized as magnificent;

understand that these efforts can cause periodic fatigue.

in quiet realization of the affirmations and Joy
of space brotherhoods

in their acknowledgement
​for your greatly welcomed contributions.

Pray. Invoke. “Roll your own.”


Universal Father




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