Universal Father 5


Universal Father 5

May 5th, 2019


Universal Father Message, October 30, 2013

AH progresses well into inter-understanding
as both a team and teams, as needed and possible.
AH is truly now a home base,
a place of refuge for merited messiahs.
at the least you who are reasonably active, 
are of course with merit.

Know that every day 3 Days of Darkness/3DD delay 
bespeaks of Victories,
ground gained for Earth/Shan 
and for her inhabitants.

Those who despair

witness and sense but fragments
of this fantastic scene.

Upheavals are ever necessary, 
as it is with any inhabited planet in transition.

For Gaia though,
her especially disturbed Ley Lines
by high tech dark kabal
are especially troublesome,
having been numerously
cut and pillaged,
probably without precedent.

Balancing adjustments 
also may be violent without precedent.

Dear ones,
the projected segue scene to 3DD
ever changes,
because earth MAN 
is still changing significantly.

Universal Father

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