Universal Father 3


Universal Father 3

May 3rd, 2019


May 10, 2013 Message

And so, you must continue, simply,
Through layers of dross,
Swirling thoughts abound, around, up and down.

Russellian in the vernacular:
6 mirrors is all that is needed.

What is a mirror? A visual for reflectivity.

We desire your collective 6 mirrors, 
Your 6 planes of reflectivity – armor, protect and see.

So, we repeat,

Around, abound, in and beyond
Are dimensions perceived by Spirit.
Likewise, forlorn paths abound, around
receiving letters and symbols of projecting condemnation.

What say ye, which shall it be?

Stay / keep your intent upon scores,
numberless numbers of consciousness.

For you simply know to do that which works,
your very core.

To know to do:
that small indestructible thread to Universal Father.

Timeless, spaceless thread,
Patterned in uniqueness of being,

Profound simplicity:
​to know to do.

Your earthly 12 Step Program in 6 planes of reflectivity,
E, W, N, S, Up, Down

Through S’s Higher Self




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