Universal Father 2


Universal Father 2

May 2nd, 2019


March 29, 2013 Message

How well I know you,
who are part of my flock so to speak,
in intimate awareness of things done and things to become.  

Today is a first for you indeed: that of scribe.

I come to you
to impart knowing grace of things to come,
for with grace it indeed shall transpire.
Shirk not responsibilities that you see coming. 
Embrace them with the fullness of our Universal Father.
Nebadonia is the Oneness of transparency through this circuit. 

Affairs of the heart are known to us of course,
though often things are melancholy.
From here to there [Havona to Urantia]
shall the matrix DNA be modified/molded at the innermost heart level
for there to blossom forth to touch all humankind,
in answer to prayer and entreaties of ages past to even now by those of faith. 

Such is the manner of certitude that I embrace the fourfold deities of Light
manifested upon dark terrains of moral turpitude.
Forlorn are the matrices of darkness that are swept aside.

Now come multitudes to increase awareness for testimonies
throughout lands of darkness, steeped in morass;
for your collective efforts touch entire universes
through Christ Michael’s grace.

Know the brilliance of cosmic starseeds that reach and reflect all things;
even so, those of archangels and seraphim and more,
who gratefully acknowledge
the fruits of the humankind’s
efforts and trials from the
planet of the cross. 

Yet you tremble with trepidation;
and so it is, for mighty are the forces bestowed upon collective thee.
Confident are we about collective thee, by our own free choices.

Come abide, creation,
with All activities wherein we effect our ministrations for Urantia,
and help proclaim through cosmic reaches the joyous reign of truth,
even so the Spirit of Truth,
about to be overtly manifest in ringing joyousness;
pearls of laughter.

Make way for artisans ready to help bedeck Gaia in her full glory,
glory of celebration for even that of the Universal Father! 

ever remember though mainly unknown,
​prizes awaiting in the cosmic pinata —
through the veil.

Through S’s Higher Self, yet to be clearly identified…





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