For This Is So


For This Is So

April 19, 2019, 13:13


For this is so, no matter how I try

to shout my wonder and my Joy full might,

it will not cover, never will it cover

that fascinating butterfly in flight!


Oh, what a wonder, what a mighty wonder!

In Sun I stayed, deep talking in my heart, 

that Father, please release, oh, loving Father,

that Truth in fullness, we so need on Earth!


The Sovereigns of Earth I was addressing.

The mighty Spirit in the Sun, of Christ,

how fires, eating our earth rage wild,

still wild warring and still bombing blasts!


How many eons long, how many ages

the child of God is tortured by the dark?

How many tears possibly we still have,

till Angels come, to herald Angels hark?


The Avalanche of Truth is sent by Father.

Present His Cherished Son in our Star.

All Legions of God’s Angels are now ready,

the Coming of the Christ is not more far!


And so, I wished a butterfly be flying

in front my face, my nose, my happy eyes,

and Heavens!!! Nebadonia was promptly

making one fly, to my surprise and cries!


It was a tiny, beautiful creature,

a FliegerMeister in transparent green…

With tons of thanks, in tears, and shouts, and whispers

never will I contain the Joy it’s been!










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