New Moment in New Time

I Bless

April 8, 2019, 12:12


I bless 

New Moment 

in New Time!

It Is The Time

of Victory!

Our Arrival

in the Cosmic Point


it Now Happened.


It Is Done.


“Dear Terrans, are you realizing that you have made a journey through the Cosmos in your particular system? When you start to take a little thought out of the everyday, from the “same”, you will realize that WHAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS SEEN IN A PLACE, THERE IS NO MORE. (Our Solar System crossed through the Photon Belt. We reached Pleiades Constellation, to rotate around Alcyone, its Central Sun. Accordingly, our firmament has changed!)

It’s a journey. A journey in yourself too. Even if you try to hide it, this journey is inevitable.” / Gabriel Raio Lunar, Pleiades1 Messages, April 4, 2019


cat with flowers

Celebrating Grace / schrö


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