Like Two Children


Like Two Children


Mar-a-Lago, Feb 29, 1996.


Like two children from Heavens,

from His hands now descended.

Have you noticed how gentle,

gentle hearts, comprehended?


Have you noticed the sweetness,

have you noticed the Love

they exude, in their looking

at this world, from above?


How so pure, their souls,

how so pure, their eyes,

when they look, oh, so gracious,

on us all, from the skies!


Came to give them in total,

came to give them in full,

from His hands they descended

in this earth, the hard school.


Assassins all around,

monsters roaming the earth.

To save us, they descended,

a new life to give birth.


Oh, the marvels of Heavens

and of His Divine Love!

Let’s all bless these Angelic

Children come from above!




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