You have no light, my Brother


You Have No Light, My Brother


You have no light, my Brother,

in this abyss of tears,

to stand and fight the monster

and all the monstrous fears.


A planet was infested

and all the children, all,

a glorious race of Father,

of great ones and no small.


A planet was invaded

from space by savage race,

destruction and all murders,

killing at heightened pace.


The males were all captured.

Females to sex slaves.

Children were cut to pieces,

blood drunk, then thrown to graves.


You came to save your people

from our prison plane.

They nailed You on a wood cross,

with many good ones slain.


Yet You cannot but love them!

You flooded them with Love!

Contained You have all evil

and healed them from above.


You cannot do it others,

is not Your way to judge.

Embrace in Love can only,

the Lamb, and holds no grudge.


Oh, how I feel Your tears,

now, when the judgement came!

For served must now be justice,

for Loving Lamb they slain!


I feel Your heart in tears,

oh, not for You, for them!

Your Love so overwhelming,

in Father’s Love Supreme!…


I hear You call them children

of God, remind them be…

How tears fall in rivers,

for they are deaf, I see…


Oh, Brother, Cherished Brother,

whom I kept on my arms,

how I feel Your heart crying,

now, when I hear the drums!


The drums are sounding Justice.

The Trumpeter stands tall.

For this day Truth will blossom

on our Tiny Dot Ball!




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