Would You but know, my Father


Would You but know, my Father


Would You but know, my sweet and loving Father

what a delight these flakes of snow they are,

how each and every crystal of its own

a message brings to our hearts, from far…


Like tiny butterflies they fall so gently,

each, mighty messengers of Love from You,

caress and hold our hearts and souls,

oh, Father mine, these wonders in sky blue…


Would You but know how thirsty our souls

of Your embrace, in every flake a kiss

of cosmic Love, in every crystal hiding,

rejoice in icy wonders full of bliss…


Do they not fill this wondrous world with joy,

like flowers, fruit and birds and rain and breeze?

Oh, Father,  You DO know! Allow us, You

in giant hug, in our arms to squeeze!





2 thoughts on “Would You but know, my Father

    1. Thanks a lot, Silva, you so kind all along… You KNOW how to read! Of course MotherGod is included – always! Are you in France? Our times now are so tense, we forget to see the beauty of a flake of snow!


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