The Sacred Declaration of Independence


The Sacred Declaration of Independence

January 22, 12:22


In the Name

of the Most Sacred

Holy Trinity in the Highest of Highest,

of the Almighty Father,

Almighty Mother

and the Eternal Son;

in the Name

of Christ Michael Aton, Creator Son

and Infinite Mother Spirit Nebadonia,

the Sovereigns of Nebadon Universe,

as a Unit of Force in God’s Name;

in my very own name in God’s Superconsciousness,

forever held

in the Grace and the Mercy and Infinite LOVE

by my Most Wondrous Father,

as One,

with all Warrior Hosts of God

from Above and Below,


in the Complete and Total


of our LOVE and Devotion;

We All Together as One

Declare Now

the Unprecedented Liberation

of all Children of God 

in Gaia and in all Nebadon



Declare Now

All dark and darkness



Declare Now

The Divine Plan for Salvation

of Our One & Only Loved Father,




This is our Most Sacred Declaration of Independence,

of all Children of God in Gaia and all Nebadon Universe,

today, January 22, 2019, Gaia Time,

across all Times and all Realities,

according to the Will of God.


We Call

Our Victory






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