We Manifest Now


We Manifest Now


We Manifest Now

in Full Force,

We The People, in Complete Oneness,

the Absolute Fulfillment

of our Sacred FREEDOM

from all dark slavery and imprisonment, 

through Christ, our Sovereign,


the Divine Plan for Salvation of Our Father

in Fullness,

in all of Gaia and all of Nebadon

under the Mighty Guidance

of the Infinite LOVE, Power and Will

of God the Father, the Mother and the Eternal Son,

the Most Sacred Trinity in the Highest of Highest

of this Wondrous Creation –

for the most unprecedented

JOY of all Children of God,

in their Hearts and Minds and Spirits and Souls

in Full Force!

Today, November 22, 2018, Gaia Time,

across all Times and all Realities,

according to the Will of God !



Our Planet Rang Like a Bell for 20 Minutes on November 11, 2018, And Scientists Don’t Know Why







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