Gaia Portal, August 25, 2018

  Gaia Portal Message August 25, 2018     Processes for Hue-manity Ascension are written and collected. We transmute into Christ Consciousness Beings. We grow and radiate more and more  Crystalline Light. This is seen from all the Universe. So we are called Hue-manity. Evolved humans. It is a long process of Becoming. Our intentions, […]

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Yesss. He Has Done It!

  YESSS. He Has Done It!   YESSS. The Christ of the Almighty Father took all Humanity, all Gaia and all Nebadon Universe into His Being to contain in full.   This was the only way to FREE  us all from dark and darkness forever.   YESSS. He Has Done It.   August 22, 2018 […]

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For we embrace

  For We Embrace   For we embrace all Gaia, all the way to the core. All of chords of our heart sing and dance, and adore…   All adore this day shiny, this unique, mighty day. Praise and Glory to Father we all humans do pray!   We bring all hands together, children pure […]

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In the Divine

  In The Divine   In the Divine Name of Father, today is our FREEDOM. We have done it, in Father, in His Love, in His Kingdom!   August 13, 2018   .    

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A Lesson in Simplicity

Ballare humanum ist August 18, 2018 Austria VIP guest Putin brings big bouquet of flowers, dances with Austrian FM at her weddingKarin Kneissl and Sebastian Kurz  Kuban Kasak Choir came with as a wedding gift  Vladimir Putin and Karin Kneissl © Alexei Druzhinin / Sputnik © Sputnik Photo Agency Karin Kneissl and groom © Pool […]

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Welcome, Our Cherished One!

   Welcome, Christ Michael Aton!​ June 11, 2016This is The Declaration of Victory​​A melding process commences  is the REUNION of ALL Humans in Creation.Remember we were all cut, separated, a slave planet, a prison planet.Can we grasp the significance?This is the merging of all Spheres in One New Gaia.THE Unification.THE coming in UNITY of all our Spiritual Family […]

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Christ Michael Message

  Christ Michael Aton for FREEDOMsRAY      June 11, 2016Ones of Gaia and Nebadon,Ones of Our creation,Ones and helpers and visitors under Our aegis,A melding process commences between existentialand experiential personalities within all of Nebadon’s reaches, inspired at long last into whimsies of universal activities, actions and interplays. All.It has become safe to play, to question, to explore, to study and […]

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Gaia Portal, August 17, 2018

  Gaia Portal Message August 17, 2018     Primaries of foundations come to the fore. Gaia, this heroic planet, is restored to Light, to Truth and to Joy. To FREEDOM. Gaia is reborn in her Sacredness, the Foundation of Eternal Love of God Himself. Gaia’s sacred status is restored by her Creator, Christ Michael, […]

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Gaia Portal, August 11, 2018

  Gaia Portal Message August 11, 2018     Explosive Light remedies are presented and applied to all Gaia conflicts. The Sovereign Creator of Nebadon Universe, Christ Michael Aton, is in control. He alone can bring explosive Light remedies to Gaia conflicts. Happenings of “entertainments” are recognized for the “entrainment” intentions. The deceiving role, the […]

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