Gaia Portal, August 25, 2018


Gaia Portal Message

August 25, 2018



Processes for Hue-manity Ascension are written and collected.

We transmute into Christ Consciousness Beings. We grow and radiate more and more  Crystalline Light. This is seen from all the Universe. So we are called Hue-manity. Evolved humans.

It is a long process of Becoming. Our intentions, dedication and Love are written down. They are collected and amplify till we all UNITE in a Unit of Force. Then we Ascend into the higher Dimensions of the Infinite Cosmos.

Severances are completed.

Severance from our past. Severance from the dark. Severance from the state of a Prison Planet. Severance from the dark construct of enslavement. Severance from suffering. Severance from fear. Severance from hatred. Severance from judgement. Severance from limitations. Severance from the lie. Severance from deceit. Severance from despair.

Severance from a monstrous eons long Age of Darkness.


Novelties are released.

Light is coming to us in all its forms. Like a tsunami, or avalanche, of Joy.

The clouds part.

All dark clouds dissolve.


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