Christ Michael Message


Christ Michael Aton for FREEDOMsRAY     
June 11, 2016

Ones of Gaia and Nebadon,
Ones of Our creation,
Ones and helpers and visitors under Our aegis,

A melding process commences 
between existential
and experiential personalities 

within all of Nebadon’s reaches, 
inspired at long last 
into whimsies of universal activities, actions and interplays. 
It has become safe 
to play, to question, to explore, to study and invoke 
works in diverse vocations, adventures and worships. 

The unifying trend of God the Supreme 
accelerates ever more powerfully 
by the momentous thrust
of so many who have invested in Gaia 

yes, unprecedented again; 
the combined and added waves of consciousness 
by so very many extra-terrestrial participants 
with that of Nebadon’s stakeholder residents.

Vistas, paths 
unto the very Paradise Isle
are amplified, 

of which much is soon to be shown 
via restored, rightful and lawful

So too, wonders of creation 
are being unveiled 
to searching senses
and spirit-mindness, 

revealing infinitude of reward, 
said wonders being endless by the hand of God. 
Your Freedoms Rays. 

The current symptomatic wave
emanates from your
Wave of Combined consciousness

which actually is the first source and origin-center, 
with the cosmic WAVE 

now experientially
​and her extra-universal reaches.

We celebrate 
Our own joy 
through enveloping all 
with Unbounded Love.

Christ Michael Aton

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