Welcome, Our Cherished One!


 Welcome, Christ Michael Aton!

 June 11, 2016

This is The Declaration of Victory

A melding process commences  
is the REUNION of ALL Humans in Creation.
Remember we were all cut, separated, a slave planet, a prison planet.
Can we grasp the significance?
This is the merging of all Spheres in One New Gaia.
THE Unification.
 coming in UNITY of all our Spiritual Family with all of us in body!
This is the 

between existential and experiential personalities  
means that all Souls in existence but not in body, finally unify with their brothers who experience right now the physicality on Gaia in a body – remember how long was taking for many of them trapped for ages in the Astral world, in a state of trauma – by war, suicide, bombings, dark control – in a state of lost souls, as ghosts.
This is nothing else but Salvation.

It has become safe 
to play, to question, to explore, to study and invoke 
works in diverse vocations, adventures and worships. 
The perfect FREEDOM from all dark! In the whole of universe! Can we see how eager is He, finally being able to announce this amazing state we are in?

The unifying trend of God the Supreme 
This is in fact the kernel of all message. The UNION of above and below,  Father’a own aim, above all. Again, shall we recount the ages of struggle to reach that?

by the momentous thrust of so many who have invested in Gaia 
a tribute to the multitudes of helpers – absolutely unprecedented.
The Father of All There Is was the motor. He was the One who knew it the best. For Unity,
in ONE,
is His very Principle of Existence.

the combined and added waves of consciousness 
by so very many extra-terrestrial participants 
The UNITY was the means!
For it made the FORCE!
Here we can understand how 
CONSCIOUSNESS was at work!
Can we imagine? UNITY in the SPIRIT OF TRUTH.

Vistas, paths 
unto the very Paradise Isle
are amplified, 

of which much is soon to be shown 
via restored, rightful and lawful circuits.
This is in fact the mightiest SURPRISE! Do we realize this is the little known secret of the
Uniqueness of Gaia as a crossroad station of God? Restored, rightful and lawful circuits!
THIS is unprecedented again!

So too, wonders of creation 
are being unveiled 
There are rewards and surprises for everybody, where Christ Michael invites Father be totally in charge,
in greatest visible JOY!
We2 perceive this whole work, Bestowal and Victory over the dark
as a unique, a very special gift of Christ Michael Aton to Father.
And all His final Joy he also offers Him.

The current symptomatic wave
emanates from your Wave of Combined consciousness
Here we understand why the “magnetism” starts from Gaia. It is our own collective consciousness,
turned into a Force by our own increased frequency brought into Unity.
That is why Celestials always kept saying they cannot do it for us.

with the cosmic WAVE 

now experientially
​and her extra-universal reaches.

That’s it!
The Cosmic WAVE is the WAVE of the Father, which will meld the one we emit from Gaia!
Now it does make sense. And it is only possible NOW, because the grid of enslavement is broken!
Now Gaia is HOME, as part of the Whole.
Now only, it is possible for us all to experience the feeling of belonging, as Gaia’s circuits of connection and communication with the Isle of Paradise and all the Universes are FREE.

We2 say that the Divine Love of Christ Michael was mightily present, always,
but THIS Joy, of TODAY  –
THIS is unprecedented!
And He expresses it only after He shows all those wonderful reasons!

This message in itself is a WONDER!




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