United States Space Force

  DEFENSE SECRETARY JAMES MATTIS  AND VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE  SPACE FORCE SPEECH August 9, 2018   In 2017, President Trump established his National Space Council, a body of senior officials charged with developing modern policies for commercial and international space utilization. On March 23, 2018, President Trump announced his National Space Strategy, which recognizes that […]

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See this adorable?

  See This Adorable?   See this adorable dance in the air of two butterflies so lovely and nice? Is this a surprise of my Mother so kind, with no asking me pay any price?   There they are, my two so graceful dancers of NEB – but just how did She know, that right […]

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Transmutation Preparation

   TRANSMUTATION PREPARATION  Therefore,  you and your fellow-men are being conditioned  for a great transmutation —all who will come into the Light.  Then we can march on  to other worlds and universes that cry out for help. You who think  you cease your work by graduation cere­monies  must think again —your work will only have begun.  […]

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Earth is Special

      EARTH IS SPECIAL  Here is where Dharma will cringe, for what I will say  represents blasphemy  to the multitudes who have been victims  of the great lie.  The Earth is a classroom for GODHOOD —to raise the God Fragments in stature to again be one with that Source.  The Earth  is the finely tuned instrument […]

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Above all, the creation IS

   THE CREATION CALLED EVER-NESS  Above all The Creation IS – the Omniverse – the whole of The Creation is above ALL. ​There is the PERFECT ONE, THE INFINITE FATHER, THE ALL CREATOR AND BEYOND IS THE CREATION, HIS MANIFESTED SELF. What is behind  the plan  now unfolding upon the Earth?  There IS a greater plan beyond, even beyond the migration from this Solar System, as […]

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It shall be on earth as it is in heaven

  THOUGHT  This orb, however, shall not end  until the Millennium is well passed, when once again the forces of darkness are released. Then shall the end come  and this System disintegrateth in thought.  FOR IT ALL IS ONLY THOUGHT!   All celestial bodies, whether star or world, are only the forms  in which our Father Creator  forms His Words.  They are […]

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The Bridge

    The Magnificent 7 The Rainbow Brothers The Cohans of the Etheric Rays The 7 Great Archangels of God are  The Bridge   Thy brothers in the heavens  also await this moment of commencement. In ages past,  these ones have only appeared to Earth in a very few cases on very special errands for the Infinite […]

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