I Sing a Tune


I Sing A Tune


I sing a tune

and see it is of longing…

A tune of longing

from my childhood.

And it is not the tune,

it is my mother,

it is my mother,

for me longing, gone…


She was so beautiful…I’m deeply gasping…

there was no other, beautiful than her;

She was so beautiful, and she was singing,

I see but now, it is she, for me longing…


She was for me an angel from the Highest,

for father, for my sisters, for my bro,

there is no way for man to grasp this wonder,

a life, these years long, coming and go…


My heart is telling me it is my mother

singing this tune, from heavens, make me cry…

Father-the-Gracious was the One who sent her

to me, my life, all Wonders here lie…



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