Come to the Sanctity


Heavenletter 6216

Come to the Sanctity of Green Pastures

December 1, 2017

God said:

Once upon a time, a world was born. So far as you have been aware, you are a passing fancy, currently active. No one knows your deadline. You must know this isn’t the story I tell. I know you firsthand. I know firsthand that you always existed. There is no day you were not. You are as Eternal as I am. You and I have ever been living in Infinity as One. Never were you not. Furthermore, you are far greater than you ever conceived yourself to be. You’re definitely not a new kid on the block.

Take it as God’s Honest Truth that, seen or unseen, known or unknown to your present self, you have ever existed. Take this on Truth. If this means to take this on Faith, then take it from Me on Faith. What I say, you can accept. Why would you accept the Word of the physical world as the Gospel before what I say? Beloveds, physical evidence is the least you can go by. I realize very well that, as a Human Being, this is a hard nut for you to crack.

It’s like this: When the Earth was seen as flat, the Earth was forever round all the while. It never was flat. Evidence and even Belief can be incidental to what is.

You’ve had a thing or two backwards, wouldn’t you say? The Universe doesn’t change its spots no matter what you believe and how strongly you believe it.

In any case, the Universe is True regardless of your stance. Your perceptions go according to how you see. You see as you see. You believe firmly in how and what you see, yet what you see may or may not be True. Your firm beliefs often are not sure bets.

Dear Ones, your thinking tends to go only so far. Truth doesn’t switch around. Absolute Truth, whether you cognize it or not, doesn’t change. Truth is, or it isn’t Truth.

Is it possible for you to admit that at one time or another, you have been mistaken? This is a good reason why you want to hold your horses. Proving is too often based on other people’s fallible proving grounds. The whole world can be mistaken, and again and again, it has.


You can be innocent of the Truth no matter how sincere and convinced you may be. There is a reason why it is said: “In God we trust.”

Hello, Beloveds, trust in Me to lead you to the sanctity of Green Pastures.

Come. Hallowed be Truth. Truth isn’t arbitrary. You just may not know enough to swear to anything. Beloveds, if your beliefs divert from Truth, the worst this does is to make you mistaken. It is not forbidden to be mistaken. It happens every day. It’s perfectly honorable to see in another way, yes?

To change your present awareness isn’t a reason to beat yourself up. Be glad you see from a greater vantage. So, you made a mistake. Now, you see differently. A mistake is not a fateful error. It is a mistake made, and now you see from a bigger frame. It’s all right to change your mind. Ah, now you see further. Hallowed be thy Name. Congratulate yourself and not condemn yourself for growing.

Sometimes a child’s vision is more to the point than an adult’s vision. Often a child’s vision is not so cluttered with facts and judgments and God-Knows-What.

Many appraisals of people are far afield. I mean it when I advise you not to judge. It is wise and, frankly, sensible enough to know that you do not hold all the cards.

What you do have is Love right in your pocket.



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