One Only


Nur Eines                                                               One Only


Nur eines                                                                One only

ist im Menschen;                                                   is in man;

Und diese Grosse                                                  And this Mighty

und Heilige Eine                                                   and Holy One

ist die Liebe.                                                          is Love.

Die da ist ein Rechtes                                         That is but a Real

Feuer aus Gott                                                      Fire of God

und im Herzen wohnt.                                       and in the Heart lives.

Und nirgends                                                       And nowhere

denn allein in dieser Liebe                               but alone in this Love

ist Wahrheit.                                                         is Truth.

Weil die Liebe Selbst                                         Because the Love Itself

der Urgrund aller Wahrheit                            the very Source of Truth

in Gott und aus Gott                                          in God and of God

in jedem Menschen                                           in every Human

ist.                                                                           is.

Jakob Lorber

Das Wort

1840-1864, Graz, Austria





5 thoughts on “One Only

    1. Hey!…Tony! What a delight to hear your voice from the other side of the world! Yes, Lorber seems to speak directly to my heart. Did you read him in original?


      1. Hi Ferricel, thanks for the reply! I started to read the New Revelation in english in the early 1980s. Translated by Mrs Ozols of the state of Victoria, who has since passed. It was a life changing experience and a help in an ever changing world. There are others who have translated as well and it is much appreciated. Do you have a particular Lorber book that you enjoy?


      2. How nice there are translations! To be frank, it is a blessing for me to have been able to read it in German, right how it came down. There is a sweetness and a music and a Divine Love so intense in each word – I mostly have to cry. So, I consider the whole work a WONDER, a God’s Wonder. I call them “My 24 Books”. Blessings, Tony!


      3. Very well said Ferricel! The German language is so lyrical or music like and also the Word is the absolute best! Blessings to you also and l hope to talk again soon!


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