We Call On Love Supreme


We Call On Love Supreme

Sunday, April 30, 2023, 04:30 pm


We call on Love Supreme in Heart of God.

We sing our Gratitude to God’s Creation.

Eternal Love, in Love Eternal Chest,

Healed all the men, in Magic Liberation!


For man too small, for such gigantic deeds!

FATHER in us fulfills the Magic Healing.

He blows His Love, and Hearts in man catch Fire,

Fire of Life Divine, in Cosmic Being!


We call Mankind to remember Him!

We call all Love of God in Hearts of brethren!

We sing gigantic Call of Love to Him,

to lift us all in Magic Leap to Heaven!


Not one. Not two. Creation in Full Power.

See, what the Unity of Worlds can Be?

A whirl shall wipe Creation of all evil!…

His Avalanche of Truth shall set us Free!!!


Reborn! His Will Divine ignites the Fire.

He lightens Universes with His Love!

At once, Creation His reborn through Healing,

Burns Pure, purifying all Above!…


Reborn! Alone the FATHER can put Fire

of Violet Flames and Rainbows, melting all…

Alone the Great Creator heals Creation,

and All There Is, and beautiful Blue Ball!


Awake! Get ready to receive the Healing!

Awake! Too long the LIE usurped your mind!

Rejoice! Light Avalanche has inundated

His Cosmos, Liberated His Mankind!


Rejoice! A son of God you’ve been for Ages.

They’ve stolen your Identity in Him!

But dark is conquered! And His Mighty Healing

has Liberated Universal Kin!


Prepare! For the Wheels of Time have closed.

He takes you in His Arms, in Quantum Leap.

He born you Free! Reborn you now through Healing,

His Liberty Divine is yours to keep!!!




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