The Dignity Of Man


The Dignity Of Man

April 13, 2023, 13:55


The Dignity of Man we restore Now.

You’ll not believe your eyes, for you are blind.

Creation is on LOVE and FREEDOM built.

Glorious FATHER, Glorious Mankind!


This is exactly what you missed to see:

There IS One Father of Eternity.

Last chance for you, to shake off and to grok:

We, Children His, restore our Dignity!


How silly, to invade this Planet His!

Force us to call you ‘masters’, ‘lords’ and ‘kings’!…

Rewrite our DNA, put chains on us,

innocent Kin, and mock what Karma brings!


Enjoy your Karma now! The void planets

await your coming, start anew from cave!…

Your monstrous shamelessness, yourselves you’ll face,

through cleansing Fires, struggling soul to save!


No children sweet, for you to cut and murder!

No tortured blood, from Sacred God Creation!

In monstrous shamelessness you may vomit

adrenochrome, and all your snake concoctions!


Good riddance! Time for you to leave in shame.

Earth spits in savage fires poisoned place!

Restored is Truth! Regenerated Planet,

and Dignity of Man in Pure Grace!




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