That Miracle, The Forgotten


That Miracle, The Forgotten

March 21, 2023, 11:11


Is it too old? Or is it too pale?

We forgot, we are all just alive?

We forgot our heart beats eternal

at all heights, in all depths we all dive?


Glorious Sun we all greet in the morning!

Happily go to sleep in the night.

Did we miss to remember the Marvel

of this Rhythm, to keep us in flight?


Water comes, from the depths of the Mother.

Who of us says the Earth a “Thank you”?

Who still kisses the crystalline snow-flakes,

fly in Marvel, from Marvel sky blue?


Oh, the pomp and the arrogance mighty!

Oh, the greed, to grab Mother her gold!…

That Miracle, of All Life… we forgotten

By our Elders, ever again told…


For imagine! We are all just Eternal!

His are we, our Life, All His Love!…

That Miracle, the forgotten…Remember,

is just Father, Who lives high above!




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