This Change So Giant


This Change So Giant

February 3rd, 2023, 23:23


This Change so Giant will not wait for you.

It knocks right now at your shut door — but wait:

This Change, the Giant one, asks not for your

permission, or for hour, time or date!


This Change escapes your feeble little fuss.

You should have known it till now; This Change

puts straight this whole Earth Order Divine,

restores in full Mankind Pain revenge!


Don’t underestimate the Works of Heavens.

Long Ages you forgot there is a God!

Abused were you, your brothers, sisters, children,

tortured with monster boots, you poor trod!


This Giant Change is brought to you by Father.

But once you’ll transmutate, His child to Be.

Awake! And be alert! For at your doorsteps

is He right now, and knocks to get you Free!!!




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