Be You Sure to know


Be You Sure To Know

January 29, 2023, 11:11 pm


Be you sure to know Who’s Creation you are,

for the Times have reached now their Ending.

Realign with your God, your Creator Divine,

no Reptile, no Draco knee bending!


You survived Aeons long, kept your creed in your Heart,

and the Moment of Judgement is here.

For Mankind the Greatest Exam is at hand!

All Creation surrounds our Sphere!


On that last Precipice, on one point we all stand.

Keep your axis straight to your Creator!

In Effulgence we’ll blow, in Effulgence we’ll leap

on His blinding Light elevator!


Leave all chaos behind, wipe your tears and laugh!…

There is no Greater Act in Creation!

Let all go and unite with your Father in Heart,

and embrace your Divine Liberation!




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