Alea Jacta Est!


Alea Jacta Est!

December 22, 2022, 22:22


Alea jacta est!

The die is cast!

Humans crossed Rubicon, once and for all.


Greatest Moment we reached,

Humans of Age.

On the last Precipice stand we tall.


Twenty Civilizations

close on us…

How many thousands Lives we all have crossed,


To reach this moment, NOW,

Freedom from dark,

this shiny winter of ice and of frost?…


It is NOW. It is Here.

The die is cast.

Greatest Victory IS. Light has been lit.


Divine Truth won.

Divine Consciousness grows.

Portals let Wizards open mountains pit.


Alea jacta est.

And so it is.

The Greatest Spirits in Joy come to Earth.


New-Human stands.

Earth is sparkling with Light.

We joyful celebrate our New Rebirth!


Stand strong. Awake.

In dignity trust Self.

This point of no return dissolves the Past.


On the Precipice stand.

Let tumble dark.

For the strongest of strong was this life last.


Heralding trumpets blow!

Galactics, come!

Salvation Plan, complete is our part.


Universal Day One,

of New Year born.

This Year New our New Life we NOW start!




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