He Knows Why I Cry…


He Knows Why I Cry…

August 1st, 2022, 23:11


For the world is in chaos, and the children are lost,

with the Reason in minds all gone…


Being twisted and burnt, hypnotized and erased,

all by will, and according to plan!


The Carbon Molecule, in nucleus attacked,

all Supreme, Divine Concept of Life,


By a bunch of godzillas, hordes of monsters from Cosmos,

nanites, butchers, and throwers of knives…


Yes, He knows why I cry, on His shoulder, each day,

and each night, in the tears long flow,


While Star Fleet at war, all His Warriors in fight,

in His Armor and His Light all glow!…


No, defeat is not His, and it will never be,

and I know He has already Won!


I know Justice Divine restores Cosmos to Truth,

and all crying and pain will be gone!




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