There is a cleansing


There Is A Cleansing

April 28, 2022, 22:22


You maybe think, your riches long forever,

because you bought your safety with much cash.

You never heard of Divine Karma, maybe,

or an event in Sun, called the Big Flash


How long, you think, evil remains unpunished?

Betraying once, then twice, and you still free?

There is a Divine Justice put in action,

just activated, for all men to see!


It’s true, our world is now a sea of tears…

The Time, the straw is blown from the wheat.

The winds are blowing, and the waters rushing,

and Sun is blasting massive waves of heat…


There is a cleansing of the deeds ungodly.

He holds the Justice Scales with His hand.

He’ll not judge you. You’ll judge yourself most cruel.

Just Truth, implacable, will show your stand.


M1-Class Solar Flare – 29 April 2022

Cosmic Update 3 May 2022 - X1.1-Class Solar Flare

X1-Class Solar Flare

Cosmic Update 3 May 2022



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