You’ll see, one day, the Greatness of Creation


You’ll See, One Day

Friday, March 25, 2022, 13:55


You’ll see, one day, the Greatness of Creation.

You’ll wonder of how blind you have been…

Island of Paradise you will discover,

and Seven Superuniverses spin…


You’ve been asleep, but now you jump in Quantum.

Eternity will be your playing ground.

You’ll bask in Miracles and Joy and Laughter,

and Blessings, that you finally have found…


Forget will you, this Earth of seas of tears…

Your wars and torture scars will heal away.

Resplendent will your Light vibrate in Rainbows,

and worlds will dance your happiness all way…


Rejoice! Your Freedom will renew the Aeons.

Magnificent Great Liberation came.

Dark Era of your prison and enslavement,

dissolved is now, to never come again!…


ATON, God of Light: Just a pin point of the Universe Nebadon, that He Created



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