the masquerade is in front of your nose


The Masquerade is in Front of Your Nose

March 15, 2022, 11:11


Maybe you do not see the Masquerade,

but it sticks right in front of your nose!

Either you grab a microscope, and you’ll see it,

or, in full force, with courage, look close!


Don’t tell me, you feel well and are happy,

with what monstrous world has become,

our beautiful world, Earth Shan Gaia,

or to save her, you’ve all you could, done!


We are all hanging slaves, up side down!

Oh, how bravely our shackles we wear!

How docile our yoke we all carry,

all forgetting, in hearts, the great Bear!!!


We are Lions and Bears in full power!

Shame on you, to pretend you feel well!

Don’t tell me, you feel proud, see your brother

muzzled up, like a mummy from hell!


Just say NO! to their wars and massacres!

Strongly hit back their poisonous shots.

Why allow, wondrous children die early,

young hearts damaged with monstrous blood clots???


It’s in us. All the power He gave us!

We are Lions and Bears in full force!

Just remember we are God’s Creators!

Slash dark out without remorse!




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