That one great Hero


That One Great Hero

February 23, 2022, 15:55


That One Great Hero, humorous guy.

He waits for everybody to get mad.

He waits for wine, taste well and rife enough,

and bread, to really bake and smell like bread.


He is in you, in me, in all of us.

We just forgotten how to play the game.

There are but winners, and we all have won!

Still, look for pup or kitten, put the blame.


I know. They penetrated our psyche.

They tortured us to death to break us weak.

They suck our blood and our sweat, in shameless

brutal abuse, still ask for other cheek!


Not ever will this Earth accept your presence!

There is no measure to the harm you brought!

Too much the suffering, these unending Aeons,

on this mankind and this Earth you sought!


No harmful concept in God’s Holy Mind.

Take your inventions horrible and sick.

We turned the Tide, learning your evil methods,

and used against you, every spell and trick.


In vain you chase your tail, like dogs; It’s over!

Take your vaccines and poisoned jabs and go!

Restored in us is that Courageous Hero!

Swept from this Earth are you now, with a blow!




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