The moment of Non-Time


The Moment Of Non-Time

February 10, 2022, 22:44


The moment of Non-Time…

One Divine snap of finger.

Not of yours and not mine.

Of only the Life-Bringer.


It’s when the Time exploding,

to Eternity blast!

You turn to Light. One second

you have to splash — and trust.


In the vastness of Cosmos

you are left by yourself.

If you are worm, or human,

or fairy, or elf.


You’ll be a magic Photon.

In lightning manifest.

He’ll lift you with two fingers,

to High Realms, by your crest!


All you know, dissipating.

All past, forever gone.

All your lives, scintillating,

melt to nothingness, done.


This, just a step in Being.

A Birthing to New Life.

Your moment of Beginning,

New Breath in Life to thrive.


Be flexible like water.

Take courage in your Flight.

Celebrate Joy of Being!

Celebrate Joy of Light!


For this is all the secret:

Creation is all Love!

Joy is Creation’s Essence!

Dive in Joy, happy dove!




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