Gone is the Year!


Gone Is The Year!

Sunday, January 2, 2022, 00:22


Gone is the old year! New Year is here!

No time to lazy sleep and waste our day!


Open your eyes, my brother. Get up quickly.

Too many centuries we lost our way!


Plans in the making, to kill most of ours.

It’s we, alone, save our skin and live!


Their knives are close to our bones and marrow.

Together, only, can we Peace achieve!


How can I tell you, we are slaves to monsters?

How can I tell you, we are all in trance?


I scream and shake you… Sleep no longer, brother,

It’s we, to give our children a Life chance!


The war is won. But monsters roam around.

For ages strangulated man and Earth!


That’s why our Father can’t take any longer,

and asked us wake, and gave us new Rebirth!


But we are blessed with strong and Free Willpower!

We can, determined, pull the Sword of Light.


Wake up today! The time to sleep is over.

Our Father needs His Warriors to Fight!




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