This unique day in Time


This Unique Day In Time

December 21, 2021, 12:21


This Bright Day never was, in Creation.

Never God meant a dark Age on Earth.

Teach your children, to know, that this Dark Age

God defeated, and gave us New Birth.


Teach your children, so they don’t forget it.

For the battles, and wars, and all fight,

were so monstrous, man mind can’t conceive it,

and took Aeons of struggling to Light…


Tell your children to always remember.

Mighty Beings of Light came to fight!

Liberated the monstrous tunnels,

saved up our maimed children to light.


Bloody wars killing thousands of soldiers.

Father, brother and husband, all died.

Full is Earth with the hearts of the Warriors,

and the tears, the mothers all cried…


Don’t forget. Ugly Age, ugly monsters.

Sufferance nourishing them all the way…

In despair called Earth and Mankind,

for Salvation, to end of death day…


Celebrate this Unique Day in Time!

Never ever let dark enslave you!

Tell your children, the Hand of the Father

saved us all to His Light and Life True!…




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