And when the Children laughter


And When The Children Laughter

Friday, October 22, 2021, 22:22


And when the children laughter wide resounds,

when voices full of Joy will fill the air,

when all the butterflies on fields be dancing

and jays and turtles flap their wings in pair…


When all the mothers will rejoice and singing,

and fathers will forget all sense of war…

When elders joining happily bonfire,

nights long telltales spin, in dreaming soar…


When water murmur on the cliff, enchanting,

and trees and flowers gently dance in wind,

when earth herself, transfigured and resplendent

a happy life for Father’s children bring…


Oh, let the darkness never be remembered!

Oh, let all wounded man and children heal!…

For much too long our sufferance, through the Aeons,

be gone, forever and forever still…




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