The Day New


The Day New

September 13, 2021, 13:09


The day New…

Light so hard

to breathe in, to breathe out, to stand.


It’s a fluid of New,

sparkling newness in flow,

for New minds to start understand…


See your New-birth in act.

The great marvel of New.

Built in visions and views never seen…


For your Being is New,

you are morphing in flight,

to your Home and worlds you’ve never been.


In your throat,

vocal chords

grow in deeper, attune to new heights,


While you turn so much younger,

your wings burst back your shoulders,

and of sudden you conquer new flights!…


Don’t look back.

Past is over.

See yourself in the Light of the New!


You’re a Crystal, vibrating,

purified, creating

Yourself New, with just marvels in view!…

This — a Word from Creator,

Divine Source of your Essence,

yours to honour His Blessings, born Free,


Ever know He’s your Father,

your Divine Liberator,

Who Himself gave you New-birth to Be!!!




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