1000 years kingdom


1000 Years Kingdom

Friday, September 10, 2021, 10:21


You may dream, but your dream is now real.

The Millenniums have reached now their end.

What you thought is eternal for ever,

is now closed. Is accomplished. Fulfilled.


There were great prophecies through the ages.

Human lives are too short to keep sight.

We all come, and we go, and our children

take the word, swing the sword, and keep fight!


The One Thousand Years Kingdom is here.

Father snapped Divine Fingers in Might.

In that Moment of Non-Time, His Christos

Well ignited One Thousand Years Light!


Truth Eternal will fill our souls.

We’ll be laughing and happy all day.

We’ll be healed and we’ll prosper, and joyful

celebrate our lives all the way!…




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