Eternity won’t be enough


Eternity won’t be enough

Sunday, May 30, 2021, 22:22


Eternity won’t be enough,

tell You how much I treasured,

You held me tight, in these hard times,

and these mad times, so pressured…


I’ll need long time, describe to you

that feeling of uplifting,

when I felt lost, in this mad world,

and thought I lost my thinking…


You talk to me, long in the night,

and let me cry my tears,

and hold me strong, in loving arms,

till I forget all fears…


Some eons long, I’ll need to show

the Joy You gave me tender,

and thank Your Love, when You helped me

Your Glory to remember…


Eternity won’t be enough,

show You my Joy in tears,

and thank you long, in lovely nights,

for taking all my fears…




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