Like a blind you look at me


Like A Blind You Look At Me

Saturday, May 1st, 2021, 21:55


Like a blind you look at me, my brother!

You see me muzzled, but you don’t react.

Foggy you are, while I shed my tears,

for I lost Freedom, and I’m now a knecht!


I’d like to meet your lovely eyes a second.

I’d like to recognize in you my friend.

But, oh!…Your head is hanging in that muzzle,

and both we feel like our world will end…


Show me your smile! Show me Joy and laughter!

Let children free, to jump, and sing, and play!…

Let children laughter all the world resound,

for Father gave us Earth to own and stay!


Could be…you trapped again in lies and phrases?

Or, lion precious, you forgot to fight?

Take heart! Your muzzle’s just for serfs and lackeys!

You’re Free, my brother, and are born of Light!




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