Is of Godly proportions


Is Of Godly Proportions

Easter Monday, April 5, 2021, 17:37


What comes, is of Godly proportions.

Never say that I did not tell you.

Lift your head from the sand and don’t faint.

Father said His last Word for the crew.


Not you’ve seen, not imagined, not fathomed.

You’ll discover you’re small like a fly.

You’ll see Supreme Grandeur of a Father.

And in Love’s fullness you’ll melt and cry…


What it comes is of Godly proportions.

When The Radiant One speaks His Word,

Angel legions take wing through Dimensions,

Host of God slash in might all Light Sword!


For you can not imagine, nor fathom

the magnificence of God’s Act Divine!

Rainbows, Stars, Liberation in action,

and His Holy New World, mine and thine!




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