Remembers your heart now?


Remembers Your Heart Now?

March 25, 2021, 11:55


Remembers your heart now, that great feeling of Joy?

Did you fly that high up, to remember?


Did you take your two wings, from the Angels, up high,

to re-join His kin, as a member?


Did your heart recover from the wounds of the past?

Is your Holy Mind now healed?


Found your rightful place, among Heroes of God,

by His Almighty Will born and sealed?


Look! The Grand Day of The Grandest Victory came!

Put your fresh Victor crown on your head!


And bless millions of crowns for all Victors of God,

in His Name saving world from dark mad!


A fresh scent of great Joy fills the air, so new!…

We, all freed ones, burst lifted in flight!


Mighty Truth: our hearts have remembered again,

that great Joy of a Greatly Won Fight!!!




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