Gaia’s turning around in her womb


Gaia’s Turning Around In Her Womb

Friday, March 19, 2021, 19:19


Gaia’s turning around in her womb.

The time has come to celebrate her birth.

Write in your hearts, with painful words of fire,

that God so willed, Peace to return to Earth!


When Gaia turns around in her womb,

a mighty scream is shaking Universes.

Great Central Sun sends Cosmic flash of Light,

while, hand on heart, dissolve we ancient curses!


Behold! Unique in time this sacred moment!

Behold! Not ever dark shall harm the man.

Our tears, pain and sufferance over eons,

never, oh, never, God allows again!


Gaia has turned around in her womb.

Behold! We’re all transformed in shiny Suns.

In high respect salute we Mother Earth

for Mighty Love she held us in her arms!




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