It’s Time!!!


It’s Time!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2021, 23:23


It’s Time!!! to nullify

them in themselves.

The cancer tumor they created —



The Time has come

to Trumpet the one word:

Karma arrived, for monsters pay

the bill.


The Cycles close.

The Night of Soul ends.

There is a measure in all things —

God said.


Beware! Your Time

to die, today has come.

Enough to mock our God, and playing



In bud will be

your plots annihilated.

Before you start, your murders will

not be.


So you’ll grok now,

there is a God in Heavens,

and He desires all His children



Your Time has come.

You’re nullified to void.

Onto yourselves, you dissolve from



You’re out. Eons long

deceived our Father,

the Sacred SOURCE of Life, and Joy,

and LOVE!




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