He pours Illumination Rain


He Pours Illumination Rain

March 4, 2021, 11:55


He pours Illumination Rain from Divine Hand.

He chose New Spring to let His children flourish.

Renewal is all glowing in the air,

Illumination Rain He sends, us nourish…


Don’t cry…All wants for you is see you joyful!

Creation started with His Joy to be!

No suffering ever meant He for His children!

In Joy He was creating you be Free!…


He opens now the Time of Joy and laughter.

From densest morass lifted you by crest!

He cleansed and healed your dark invaded beings,

The Father saved you to His loving breast…


Don’t cry!…In Father’s arms you are the safest.

Illumination Rain He pours Divine.

It is for you He conquered Liberation,

for His great Joy, and mighty Joy of thine!




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