Never speaks He in vain


Never Speaks He In Vain

March 1, 2021, 22:11


For when He speaks a word – that IS The Word.

Yes, it may take many thousands of years.

For His ever Eternity’ll never end.

Just in our abyss Time is not… Only tears.


The Beauty He’ll give me I can never fathom.

I dream of the Beauty of Beauties to be!

And yet, all the greatest of Beauty I’d dare,

the Master of Beauty’ll turn highest for me!


I dream to turn young and to master my body.

I dream to be shiny and perfect and light.

And yet, I do know, that how far I would venture,

The One Master goes higher up, wide and bright!


It sometimes takes thousand Epochs to perfection.

Yet He is The Word. All there IS, is His Word.

I’d just learn to trust through the Epochs eternal,

for He is The Word, and in my heart The Chord!




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