None of us could imagine, would be so tough!


Non Of Us Could Imagine, Would Be So Tough!

February 14, 2021, 22:00


It is true, we have all volunteered.

True, we jumped head on to save Earth.

For long eons we knew Earth is bleeding,

and in droves we chose these times for birth.


Yet the script was not totally known.

In dispair, the dark, to thwart Light,

tools invented, for sufferance, and wicked,

to deceive and confuse Warriors Fight!


None of us could have ever imagined,

life on Earth take such monstrous twist,

while Great Heroes all jumped into fire,

liberate man and earth of the beast!


It is true that we chose to be here,

and the octopus strong holds all Earth!

Listen well: Our Light Swords are slashing!

In full force we’ll bring man’s New Rebirth!




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