Dead is the Darkest Era


Dead Is The Darkest Era


And so, the Darkest Era closed today.

Akashik Halls of Records shut all closed.

Amazing Grace and Mercy, Love Divine

in sadness closed the door to one Son lost.


In vain were given Times and Times and Epochs.

Rebelling Son refused all brothers Love.

Refused his Father’s mansions rich in Heavens,

be uncreated chose, from realms above.


The cruel wars and battles drop all weapons.

The killed and maimed and wounded leave for home.

Trumpets and horns announce Liberation,

and final Peace in mighty Heavens Dome.


A heavy lesson was, for all to carry.

Heavy the lie, oppression, pain and death.

The Trumpets usher now the Time of Healing,

restore to Truth the human healthy breath.


The Hope in our chest will bring renewal.

A wondrous world of happiness we’ll build.

Children will learn to play and sing and laughing,

and Truth forever Joy to Life will yield!…




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