Times amazing


Times amazing

February 2, 2021, 22:22


Times amazing are coming from Future.

Rest assured, Dark Eon is done!

On that cliff you still hang with just one hand,

not accepting, your good times are gone!


For the good times were good just for slavers!

You ignored God created us Free!

You ignored our Freedom is sacred!

Scribed in fire, God’s Laws were to see!


The great Portals to Freedom are opened.

Vain you scramble, all rats run to hide!

Like a flood, Truth Divine is now rolling,

Star Fleet brothers, from space watch in pride!


Universes are now all aligning.

Pure and clean, Gaia puts on new dress.

In great Joy overwhelmed, celebrating,

folks give hands to each other, and bless!


Watch out! Be alert! Huge revearsals

jolt mankind! Reveal lies and fraud!

Justice breaks through all systems, with fury

in God’s Fire restores Laws of God!


Wake up now, Galaxies, Universes!

Horns and Trumpets vibrate through the skies!

Joining free, cheering Worlds celebrate now

Truth Divine, Victor over all lies!…




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