The highest Delight


The Highest Delight

January 29, 2021, 19:09


For the highest delight

in Your big wide Creation,

is when You lean to me,

from You, high,


To grab my hands, You Gracious,

I stretch to You, from down,

to take wing, from the mountains,

and fly!…


It is then, when no power

ever existing, can

conquer We-Two, You God

and I man,


When Creation is stunning,

seeing my Joy, so wild,

in Your arms so delighted,

Your Child…


There is no higher wonder,

and more marvelous glee,

in Your arms, with You dancing

and Be,


Than You, my Wondrous Father,

flying Cosmos with me,

in our Two-as-One unit,

so free!…




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